Dear Students:

Welcome to All Nations Institute of Marine and Technology (ANIMT)!  We created this handbook to assist you with your academic, personal, social, and professional growth and to inform you of policies and procedures that will shape and steer your experience at ANIMT.


Throughout the handbook, the guidelines and rules serve to underscore the values and standards of honesty, integrity, and hard work which the ANIMT community embraces. We provide a structured, streamlined learning environment, the bedrock of which integrates hierarchy, discipline, collaboration, and accountability in order to prepare our students best for the rigors and culture of the maritime world.


We encourage each of you to read this handbook carefully, so you will become aware of all the resources that are available.  Armed with the information contained in these pages, you will be prepared to fulfill all of your responsibilities here at ANIMT.


Please feel free to connect directly with any and all of the faculty, staff, and administration should you have any questions or pertinent comments.


Congratulations on your decision to pursue a career in such a time-honored profession! Let the hard work begin.




Your ANIMT Team